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Hold Professionals to a High Standard

Hire a professional malpractice attorney in Wilmington, DE

It's important to hold professionals, including business owners and doctors, accountable for their actions. If you trust a doctor with your medical treatment and you end up in harm's way, it's time to contact a malpractice attorney in Wilmington, Delaware. The Ippoliti Law Group can help you build your case with a professional malpractice attorney and present it in court.

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When can you sue for malpractice?

Suing a company or physician for malpractice is a serious accusation, and you need solid reasons to support your case. Many professional malpractice cases result from:

  • Negligence-a doctor or professional is careless and harms the client.
  • A low standard of care-the services were not on par with what was promised.
  • Damages-the client suffered a financial burden as a result.
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